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Going Postal w/ Prima Facia Evidence

May 1, 2007

Code officers often stand in line at the Post Office with certified mail citations going out to violators, warning letters etc...  E-bay home based businesses have sprung-up nationwide.  One terrible side effect: These business owners bring huge boxes of individual items being shipped to customers, one at a time, slowly, using the non-commercial regular-mail counter.  Often all counters are fouled-up with this activity.  Standing in line behind these people a code enforcement officer (or a citizen wishing to submit a complaint) can see prima-facia evidence of a home based business being ran out of the same jurisdiction as the post office / code officer.  Glancing at the return address of all these boxes or jotting down the tag number of the person(s) conducting this business assists in investigating this prima-facia eveidence.  Sort'a a form of probable cause;  a reasonable and prudent person observing this type of slow transaction with many, many packages would beleive a business operation is being conducted.  Typically, the tax-payers are also being jipped out of local, county, state & federal tax money!  A quick investigation will reveal if this is a tax-paying licensed business.  if not, local code action can be initiated for operating a home based business w/o a tax license.  Obtaining this will generate the need for a county license...which genertates another thing and another thing and pretty soon all forms of governemnt know that a business is being operated and taxes need to be paid...hopefully not too many back taxes!!!
'George Washington Had No Permit So Nor Will I'
March 3, 2009
Recently, I responded to tree removal w/o permit call.  I attempted to approach the home-owner and the contractor. They refused to allow me access and the contractor just yelled something about Geroge washington not having a permit to cut down the Cherry Tree so I dont need one either.  I was simply trying to get a friendly stop-work order posted and have them call the staff forester to explain what problem the tree was causing and obtain a simple permit.  The tree in-question was a huge old oak, more then likely historical and over 100 years old.  We call these protected trees.  I got pics of the tree with digital zoom and the contractors vehicle tag number and corporate logo.  Then I left.  The following morning the citation went out to both home owner and contractor.  The minimum fine is around $10,000 for a protected tree.  Had he met with the correct officials and demonstrated a reason they could'a got the dang permit and simply planted some trees in a city park or whatever the requirements are.  Oh yeah, almost forgot, I called the state department who issued the contractors' license and made a BBB post regarding the business.
Here is a funny, funny one!
Relax & let Us Do The Work For You!
Our area got nailed with many 'College Hunks Hauling Junk' signs all over the place. Some really dangerous places too.   (College Punks Placing Junk) Going to the web-site and filling out a request here was the reply:
(read carefully; a code officers dream!)
From: website request []
Sent: Thu 5/1/2010 2:38 PM
To: Mr. Code Enforcement
Subject: Your no-obligation College Hunks Hauling Junk Booking
Hi Code Enforcement,
Thank you again for booking your no-obligation junk removal appointment online.
Your junk removal appointment is booked for: 05/03/2010 from 8-10 am. Our Truck Team will call you 15 to 30 minutes before the two-hour arrival window to confirm their arrival time.
They will call you at: ___-___-____
Your pickup address is: major busy intersections and dangerous middle highway medians with 50 mph traffic flow.
_____, __ _____
You can expect:
-To relax while we do all of the labor, loading, cleanup, and disposal for you
-Friendly service from our professional and collegiate team!
If you wish to update your booking information go to or call us directly at 1-800-586-5872.
Thanks again and Have a Junk-Free Day!
The College Hunks Hauling Junk Team
(ps. I used the local franchise mailing address for the billing address)