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Code Officer Mickey Wright went missing on April 17, 2001.  Prosecutors say Wright wrote a courtesy citation to Dale Mardis at a car lot on Lamar.  Mardis was arrested three years after Wright went missing.  Wright's burned-out code enforcement vehicle was discovered in Mississippi.

Prosecutor Tom Henderson insisted that as part of the plea deal, Mardis would have to tell the Wright family what happened to Mickey Wright's body.  "His indication is that the body was burned, and whatever was left after burning, was dismembered and placed into derelict vehicles that were later crushed,"


Town code enforcement officer stabbed in Nanuet

(Original publication: April 17, 2007)

NANUET - A Clarkstown code enforcement officer was stabbed several times this afternoon on Jerrys Avenue while taking pictures of a possible code violation, police said.

Russell Trojan, 51, was arrested in about 2:30 p.m. the stabbing of Clarkstown Code Enforcement Officer Jeffrey Meara.

Clarkstown police Detective Gerry King said when Meara was taking pictures of the property for possible violations in front of the house at 12 Jerrys Ave., Trojan came out from the home and attacked him with a steak knife.

Meara, stabbed in the chest and hands, was taken to Nyack Hospital by the Nanuet Ambulance Corps, Sgt. Harry Baumann said.


Michael Walker

Michael Walker was taking pictures of a house on Caddo Street for city code violations, when the homeowner's 22-year-old son confronted him and things turned violent. Michael got in his car and backed away, and a co-worker happened to call him on his cell phone.

Michael's last words to him: "I need an officer," Stephen Wilson, the city's chief building inspector, said.

"During the confrontation, the son went back in the house and retrieved a pistol. He came back out and started firing on the code enforcement officer," Chief Kerry Crews, of the Commerce Police Department, said.

That was just 30 seconds before police officers and Michael's father say they arrived.

"But I was able to be with him when he took his last breath," Dick said. "And the last thing he was able to hear was his daddy telling him he loves him."

Michael was taken to the hospital, where he died of multiple gunshot wounds. Those who work with him, and affectionately call him "Pee Wee," say they still don't believe he's gone.

"We're expecting him to come in any minute and tell us everything that happened," Fred Eaton, the city's director of community development and Michael's supervisor, said. "It's still a shock at this point."

Ralph Ward, the father of suspect Adam, did agree to talk to me off camera. He said his son is bipolar and had just lost his job, among other things that just sent him over the edge. The son's last words to his father were, "I wish I could've taken it all back. I wish I would've just gotten in the car and left."

If Adam had left, perhaps today, Michael would have been able to make his co-workers laugh and greet his family at home.

"We were fixing a farm so we could build a house for all of us," Dick said. "He was fixing a boat so he could go fishing with Donovan. We were supposed to go this week."

Ralph told police he tried to stop his son from getting the gun but could not catch him in time.

According to the Code Enforcement Association of Texas, this is the first time a code officer has been injured or killed on duty in the state.

Commerce Code Officer Killed

By Jay Strickland/
Greenville Herald-Banner Staff
Tuesday, June 14, 2005 12:57 AM CD

COMMERCE,TEXAS - A Commerce city code enforcement officer was gunned down outside a residence in the 1500 block of Caddo Street Monday while performing his duties.


Bill Shaline, Jean Hillery, and Tom Quadros

Girlfriend says 'Sausage King' wanted to grind up inspectors Bay City News San Francisco CA

Monday, May 17, 2004

The former girlfriend of San Leandro sausage factory owner Stuart Alexander testified in his murder trial today that Alexander said several times he wanted to kill several meat inspectors, put them in a meat grinder and make sausages out of them.

Charlotte Knapp is a dental assistant who said she had an "on-again, off-again'' relationship with Alexander for three years before he was arrested for the deaths of three inspectors on June 21, 2000. She said Alexander, now 43, frequently used profanities to describe inspectors who came to his facility, the Santos Linguisa Factory.

Knapp said, "On many occasions he said he would go 'Bang, bang, bang, bang!' and the last bullet would be for himself.''

She testified that he told her if he ground up the inspectors and made sausages out of them, "no one would know'' about their deaths.

Knapp also said Alexander, who called himself the "Sausage King'' and ran for mayor of San Leandro in 1998, told her only two weeks before the inspectors were killed that he could get away with killing somebody because all he would have to do was call famous defense attorney Johnnie Cochran, who represented O.J. Simpson, and plead insanity.

In addition, Knapp said that one time when they were alone at the sausage factory, Alexander told her, "I could do away with you and nobody would know.''

Alexander's comment "made me feel weird,'' she said.

Prosecutors Jack Laettner and Paul Hora apparently put Knapp on the witness stand to try to show that Alexander planned the killings and to refute defense attorney Michael Ogul's assertion in his opening statement that while the shootings were unlawful, they weren't murder because Alexander was "blind with rage'' and didn't carefully weigh the reasons for and against his actions.

Killed in the bloody incident were state inspector Bill Shaline, 57, of Sacramento, and two U.S. Department of Agriculture compliance officers, Jean Hillery, 56, of Alameda, and Tom Quadros, 52, of Hayward.

In addition to three counts of murder, Alexander is charged with attempted murder for allegedly trying to kill a fourth person, state inspector Earl Willis, who managed to escape unharmed after Alexander allegedly ran after him and shot at him.


Don Juenemann

The Ramsey County Board of Commissioners recently passed a resolution renaming the building at 555 Cedar Street to Public Health Center, Don Juenemann Building.

Don Juenemann was a Housing Code Enforcement Officer who was violently killed on December 24, 1997 while doing an exterior inspection of a property. Don was a city employee for 33 years and was housed at 555 Cedar Street at the time of his murder.



Lakeland, Florida 9-26-06

This mornings article in the Ledger:

An unknown person shot at a city of Lakeland Code Enforcement officer as he was making his rounds Monday morning.

Code Enforcement Officer Dennis Browning was not injured, but two bullets struck his vehicle, a Lakeland police report said.

Browning was driving in the 900 block of West second Street when someone fired at his city vehicle and hit it at 9:37 a.m.  He got out of the vehicle to see what happened.

Then a second shot was fired, striking the 2006 Ford Taurus, and he got into the car and drove away, police said.

No suspects have been identified, police said.

Around the Nation . . .

"We have had a couple of Code Officers assaulted. We have had a gun pulled on two Code Officers. We have had no serious injuries or fatalities."

"1 attempted assualt on a code enforcement officer with a hammer and 1 with a pipe and 1 with a car ... a police officer shot the suspect using the car."

Marion Indiana: "several close altercations.."

Bradenton, Florida: "One Code Officer this past year had a rifle pointed at him"

"Minor injuries during remediation of unsanitary conditions; confronted by angry violators"

Missouri, Texas:  "I was injured by a subject as I attempted to cite him for a code violation."

East Hampton, NY:  "Verbal threats, harrassment, agressive body language while holding a knife"

Illinois: "A Chicago Officer was shot to death a couple of years ago will trying to serve a warrant on a Code Enforcement case."

"A Code Enforcement Officer was shot and killed in the Minneapolis, MN area several years ago."

"A Reserve Deputy was shot and killed after responding to assist Code Enf Officers"