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StreetSpam: A nation-wide Crime & Danger

Stopping at major road-way intersections to place litter is dangerous to motorists & pedestrians. Code Officers & Investigators who must remove the signs in-order to track-down and fine the violators are at risk as-well.  Street spam also adds to the blight and value of a community.



The sign above, like most, provided only a unlisted mobile phone number. After researching the usual records and still finding nothing to reveal the identity of the mini-mart pay-as-you-go phone owner, this officer decided to call the number and pose as a potential job-seeker.   The person who answered, although suspicious, finally agreed to meet and allow the 'applicant' to fill out an employment application.  The 'employer' directed this officer to a new-home construction site in a very upscale subdivision, just outside this officers jurisdiction,  where several well-known movie-stars and talk-show hosts have their homes. This officer then drove by the specified lot number and recorded the license tags of all three vehicles present.  The three owner-names were then searched on the state web-site which contains free public records searching (like almost all states do) with the Department of Corporations.  The link to search corporate officers and registered agents was used. One name produced a hit!  The President of a framing & dry-wall company, upon receiving his violation notice, called and tried to get out of it until confronted with the evidence gained above.

Here is a simple bit of detective work that took less then 15 minutes! Two signs always together appeared city wide. Typical color-plast and pre-printed: 'Jimmy Buys Houses' and 'Realestate Investors Wanted.' What was not pre-printed was the phone numbers on both. They were written in black marker and the hand-writing was the same!.  First dialing *67 then the number I called the Jimmy Buys Houses number and inquired about being a realestate investor thus establishing the same entity for both signs.  Then each number was googled and msn searched.  One number had no hits but the other hit a web-site called 'Andre Buys Houses' , same phone number as the sign,this 'bandit' website lacking any web-master or privacy links also displayed a e-mail address: 'avisser@____'  Figuring that 'a' might stand for Andre and Visser the last name Andre Visser was googled. Several hits for realestate in the local area were found.  Next state records were researched with the state licensing authority and bingo!  Found his realestate license and principal/mailing address. This was then cross referenced with the county property appraiser. Now I can send out a citation to the office and residence of the end-benefactor of the signs! And 'Jimmy' is not a real person...there is a suprise!....Not!



The other types of common street-spam: The scam artists who want you to work from home and the victims who spent money at expensive 'learn-to-be-rich' and 'buy property without spending money' BUY HOUSES CASH property flippers/investors etc... everyone who wants to litter while advertising instead of using normal forms of advertising that law-abiding and honest businesses use. 

The best method for tracking them is GOOGLE!  Although they all use unlisted mobile phone numbers (called bandit numbers) they usually screw-up and publish the numbers somewhere else on the internet. Some of these 'business-people' also use 'bandit web-sites'...Googling usually will reveal enqough clues to utilize the same method revealed in the above sample-sign-tracking.  Determine the state of origin and start searching free city, county, and state corporation and occupational licensing searches.  I have even uncovered web-sites which provide instructions on avoiding and hiding from 'The Sign Nazis' (Code Enforcement Officers & Investigators) including 'tips' on what to do if caught in a sting operation.  There are ven 2 web-sites dedicated to fighting it and one defending it:            Citizens Against Ugly Street Spam Citizens Against CAUSS

Both provide very useful information and Code Enforcement Contacts.

The following is copied  directly from one-such website and provides the Officer/Investigator with some in-sight on how bandit signs, bandit web-sites and bandit phone-numbers work...with this understanding it makes it easier to learn to track them down! I invite my fellow Code Officer/Investigators (Sign Nazis) to read the below info taken from:

Remeber; the key-words used: 'The sign-nazis will not be able to easily track down...

And there's MORE!

En Español – Both the House Buying and Home Selling Websites are now available in Spanish as a first or second language as an optional up-grade.


Bandit Site - You can now turn your House Buying Website into a "Bandit Site" by purchasing a separate, privately registered domain name. This feature allows you to "mask" your website with a different theme (look-and-feel), company name and unlisted toll-free phone numbers. By utilizing your main domain name on all your "legitimate" advertising (business cards; yard signs; print ads; flyers, etc.) and your Bandit domain and unlisted toll-free phone number on your Bandit signs, the Sign Nazis will not be able to easily associate your company with your bandit signs. - Choose and use your own company domain name for your website. If you don't have a domain and don't know how to register one, we would be more than happy to help . - You can have up to 5 email addresses using and have them delivered to your existing email box. More emails are available on request.


The following are some other links the are anti & pro Bandit signs: This sites encourages land-scape company owners to use 'bandit signs'
(How to fight street-spam and the types of scams people
fall victim to)
(Get-rich scheme which includes 'bandit signs')

HAVING TROUBLE TRACKING DOWN A SPECIFIC VIOLATOR: Contact NACEOI using the 'contact NACEO' link and provide the info. We'll see what we can come up with and instructions on how we did it!


Code Enforcement Offciers & Investigators!